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Please enter the contents of the regulations on the supervision and management of medical equipment
June 2014
Measures for the registration and management of medical instruments
Measures for the supervision and management of the production of medical instruments
Management measures for the management of medical instruments

Management of recall of medical instruments
may, 2017

Please enter the standard of quality management for clinical trial of medical equipment
June. 2016

Strategy formulation

1:What is the main purpose of your clinical trial in China?

2:Get a license to go on the market?

3:Support the global clinical development of your product?

4:Carry out the test of conceptual verification?

5:What's your expected time limit?

6:What is your choice of registration strategy?

7:What can we do for you to achieve your goal?

Keep a strict confidentiality of your information

1. CDA

2. internal training

3. internal SOP

4. employees

Ensure quality and finish your project on time

The project manager has a full management of the whole project

Communicate closely to report project progress to customers in time

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